November 9

Fish and a Tree

Welcome back my fantastico’s. Sorry I just really into fish and tree ( Fish in a tree is are class novel. ) I’m here to explain a symbol through out fish and a tree. So one of the main characters is called Ally ( she has dyslexia.) For me the symbol I found through out the story was like a train on it’s journey to get to the end for Ally it’s her way gradually getting better with her confidence. At the start of her journey she was shy had no friends and Shay ( the bully ) is rude and mean and teases Ally. Even at the start of the story Ally doesn’t know she has dyslexia so she really struggles at school and when she got  Mrs Silver ( she told her class she was pregnant. )She got a card for Ms Silvers baby shower she did not know that it was a sorrow card. Gradually once she got a new teacher, Mr Daniels he helped Ally and discovered she had Dyslexia so he helped her. As time went on Ally made two new friends, Keisha and Albert. She also had a sketch book of impossible things but at the end she didn’t draw in it anymore, and said at the end ” Impossible to possible. ” Thanks for reading my post and hope to see you in my next blog. 🙂

November 8

The Isle and The Wrong Decision

Hello welcome back to my blog ok so I didn’t do a story starter on my last one and it was more a paragraph I just got to carried away but here is a story starter.

I open the door as the music starts, my veil covering my face. My heart racing, eyes watching me every step I take. This doesn’t feel right……

November 8

Screams or Dreams

Hello welcome to or back to my blog this post is a task set from Mr Hope. In La 1 we have to make a post with the word door with any theme. Mine is about to parents fighting from the child’s perspective. I hope you enjoy.  🙂

Anger and frustration fall over the house, the door slams shut with utter respect. Air quickly moves its way out as if its forced to.  I’m shaken and worried hoping this is a dream. All that seemed important doesn’t anymore. It needs to stop, ” make it stop, make it stop. Why can’t mommy and daddy be happy?” Walking down the stairs, creaking every step I make even though you can’t hear it over all the Screams. ” Mom dad ?”

October 11

My Announcement…

Well well well your back to hear the gossip, >:) so the thing is me and my friend/movie partner yeah that’s right my movie partner and I are making a new series called Detectives in Moustaches her blog is called Abby’s Blog if you want to check out the script and my part is to make the movie episodes on iMovie which aren’t posted yet but will be soon. So keep a look out for them 🙂 see you in my next post, bye.

October 11

Karen…….. Wait What Did You Say Karen?

Well hello everybody nice to see again I hope you had the best 2 week holiday break and did some exciting things but as you can see in my title that it said Karen well that’s to do with one event on my holidays. Well I’m guessing that you want to hear right? DRUM ROLL PLEASE … I went to a restaurant called Karen’s Dinner, that’s okay I hear you, ok sure I will explain what that is all about. So it’s where the staff act like Karen’s I would announce what they did but it may be to inappropriate for some viewers, wait what was that… sorry guys but it seems like I have to make an announcement in my next post so I will keep you updated. See all of you soon love you all bye. 🙂

September 19

Wait I’m Not Ready

A lady walked in for her vaccine. Her heart racing as every step she takes, is it gonna hurt she kept repeating. ” Frankie ?”  Falling at full speed, DING! My head thumps and aches. Everything fading away and someone turns down the sound. She was now in a sound proof dark room with no escape……..

September 9

A Little Chat About LGBTQ+

Hello everyone today I’m going talking about LQBTQ+ I know some people have a hard time telling other people that they are part of a community because other people might not support it so if someone may or may not support it but everyone is human right so we all just have to let people be who they want to be. Some of the parts of LGBTQIA+ are Gay, Lesbian, Pansexual, Omnisexual and Bisexual there are heaps more but just remember that everyone has a right. See you all next time see ya.

August 12

A Little Something About What We Do In Class

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog if your new here my name is Milla and this is my blog today I will tell you about something we are doing in class. Okay so one thing we are doing right now in class is narratives for some of you may like writing narratives and some of you may not but I know everyone is capable of doing great stories, the topic we are doing ours on is overcoming a monster, now I’m going to talk you threw the steps of planning it.

First we need to go threw the system called B.E.S.T

B stands for ‘beginning’ which means you have to think of an idea for the beginning,

E stands for ‘ending point’ which means you need to think of an idea for the ending,

S means ‘step it out’ which is when you think of about 4 or 5 steps and put them in order,

T means ‘time to write’ which is when you start writing your story.

Once you have done the first three steps do a draft of your story then you can start writing by using this system to help you. You can do all kinds of overcoming a monster because it could be a real monster or a metaphorically or a sickness like cancer or depression etc. After you have done your draft you start doing your real one. I hope you have fun and enjoy trying this out thank you for reading I hope I see you next time bye.